I’ve been on the hunt lately for some unique beads and if you check out that hyper link there, you’ll see that I’ve been largely successful in that venture! I think that site’s selection is perfect considering this time of year where we have huge sales and several holidays all clustered together around the world. For me, I’m thinking of jumping on orange and black colored beads as gifts for this Halloween season (and more likely also for personal use to be put up as decorations around windows). But also, at least in the Unites States, there’s going to be the Thanksgiving season where Autumnal colors are going to be big (brown, red, orange, yellow and all the variations of those colors). Then around the world we’ll be seeing green and red as the dominant decorative colors during the Christmas season, which is pretty much every day after Halloween (I often see Christmas decorations going on sale before Halloween is even over!)


I like this photo of this large selection of beads, though personally I’m not a fan of such sparkly colors, too much like sequins and not very natural looking. I think I’ll still prefer the other web site I mentioned above for serious shopping. © The International Gem & Jewelry Show.

If you’ve read any of my previous articles or you’ve gotten to know me personally at all then you can probably assume I’m a pretty open minded person and try to avoid judging others. While I can certainly say that I try not to push my opinions on others, I know that there hasn’t been much evidence to support any argument on the other end of that spectrum (ignorance and close mindedness have never led to anything that good in my experience and in the experiences of pretty much everyone I’ve ever had any interaction with). I think beading is a positive hobby that men and woman of all ages and all cultures or ideological backgrounds can enjoy. That being said, I do understand that the current cultural norm around the world is that young ladies are to be the ones that enjoy beading and young boys are often looked down on if they attempt a foray into this hobby. Reflecting on the growth of different artistic expressions can go a long way toward educating oneself about cultures and generally growing as an individual as well.


I hadn’t considered it outside of personal fashion until I came across websites that feature photos such as this one, but many mothers and young ladies enjoy embroidering and placing beads upon their favorite dolls and other toys’ clothing. © Susan402.

This is a more stereotypical example of uses for beading but it’s still relatively new to me. I like to see new things, even if they’re a bit familiar like this. I think that it’s nice to see parents trying to get their kids interested in hobbies outside of the technological norms of the world (like portable music devices and video games, even though I can’t go a day without those!) since they tend to support healthy behavior and appreciation for hard work and delayed gratification. So that’s not too surprising that there are just about as many different ways of putting the beads to use as there are different kinds of beads.


Now here is a fine example of a great entry level attempt into beading. The fact that it is a shaped like a little truck is a nice feature as it offers the implication that young boys (usually having cars, action figures and weapons as their first toys) might be interested in the hobby. © Janet.