Reflecting on the growth of different artistic expressions (and the mediums for those expressions), can go a long way toward educating oneself about cultures and generally growing as an individual as well. Or at least that’s what I have in mind as I write this little article anyway! So when it comes to looms and cloth crafting, it’s a process that’s been around for many millenniums, essentially as old as civilization itself.


I like the rustic look of this picture. It’s actually a photo of a Greek loom and you can see some woven cloths hanging in the back of the room. It’s refreshing to see something old fashioned that requires serious skill (which tends to only come from years of serious practice, education, and experience in general) being used in such a high tech world. © Max Detheridge-Smith.

Now just as in the world of automobiles, where we’ve seen the development of an automatic transmission made available over the generations, we can see that the implementation of having machinery and even rudimentary cogs and wheels or a rope and pulley system, has made broad strides for those who know how to work a loom (myself, most definitely excluded!) Below you can see a picture that is a landmark (this landmark piece of work just so happens to have been developed by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci) in the history books as well as the worlds of culture, technology and engineering: in the form of an early concept of an automatic loom.


Here’s something that people from a variety of different schools of thought are pretty likely to get a kick out of. This is an automatic loom which was developed by Leonardo Da Vinci the famous artist, inventor, architect and widely considered to be one of the most brilliant geniuses to ever live. © J. Nathan Matias.

After looking at these fine looms and with no small measure of admiration and respect for those men and women that have a mastery over their use, I’m now just thinking about what other technologies and crafts are out there that I’m still terribly ignorant about, but at least we have more resources than ever to research anything we’d like!


This is an impressive sight to behold if you take the bigger picture into consideration. It’s a picture of a loom used by a nomad group so you know that it’s set up in such a way to be at least semi-portable. Considering such a thing was considered to be a great deal more difficult, if not utterly impossible, only a few short generations. © Peggy S.